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Tenant Tracing and Debt Recovery

Evictions SouthEast have dedicated in-house licensed and certified bailiffs; we are specialists in recovering tenants debts' and dealing with debtors.

Our debt recovery team will look at your particular situation and give you the best advice on which course of action to take to recover the debt. Our debt recovery bailiff service means that you are confronting the debtor and showing them that you are serious about collecting the debt.

The bailiffs will visit the debtor at home or possibly at an alternative address and enquire about the money owed. If the debtor has moved back home or they are in work, they will generally co-operate to avoid any embarrassment.

We will write to the debtor in advance to explain the severity of the situation and give the debtor seven days to make payment before they are visited. Often the simple letter from the bailiff highlighting the visit is enough to have them pay.

Tenants Left without Forwarding Address

We deal with a large number of cases where a tenant abandons the property having built up significant debt because the tenant has not paid the rent or the tenant has caused unnecessary property damage. Unfortunately some tenants will deliberately withhold a forwarding address in an attempt to avoid paying the money owed.

No Trace - No Fee Tenant Tracing Service

However unfortunately for the tenant Evictions SouthEast provide a no trace no fee tenant tracing service to locate the absconding tenant on the landlords behalf. Once the tenant is located we will quickly proceed with debt recovery before they have chance to move again.

Rent Debt Recovery

It is also possible to take legal action against a tenant for rent arrears whilst they are still living in the property. For example if the tenants are late paying the rent each month, or they are so late paying the rent they are always in arrears. All of our court services are based on fixed fees so that you know exactly what you are paying for up front, and all of our debt recovery costs can be added to the debt and recovered in full.



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Evictions SouthEast has a dedicated team of legal personnel ready to help you with your tenancy problems. We offer a free initial case review to give you some helpful information on how best to proceed with the case and what the likely outcome will be. Should you wish to proceed we will take on your case immediately with our transparent 3 step eviction process all based on a fixed fee pricing structure.

Evictions South East have a 100% success rate to date.


Arrange a free urgent call back directly with our eviction experts.

I do consent to South East Evictions and third parties contact me for:

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I consent that South East Evictions can contact me, using the following method;

Here to help

Evictions SouthEast offer all landlords and letting agents a free initial eviction case review to help and advise you on which eviction process would be the quickest and most suitable for your situation.
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Success stories

"Throughout the process they [Evictions South East] were very knowledgeable and provided us with regular updates of the case status. Having a legal representative at the court gave us additional piece of mind and we went into the hearing expecting a positive outcome - they delivered on this as well!"
Simon Robinson, Belvoir!

"Many thanks to Evictions SouthEast without whose help I would have struggled to cope. Trying to evict a problem tenant is fraught with difficulty and distress. Yet, Evictions SouthEast were very supportive every step of the way. "
Keith, Private Landlord

"Firstly, thank you for all your help, the service Evictions SouthEast supplied was very efficient... no problem at the court, and a positive outcome. I have to add that all this was done while I was living 1,000s of miles away in Australia!"
Tony Gostelow, Private Landlord

"It has been actually brilliant working with Evictions SouthEast, from the very beginning to conclusion. I had spoken with many companies before I found you, and everybody just wanted me to sign up without actually paying much attention to what I needed or what the issue was despite having never gone through this before. But I am very glad I decided to go with you, because the eviction service I received from you has been first class and very much appreciate."
Imdad - Private Landlord

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