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Tenant Eviction Services


Evictions SouthEast will look at your individual situation and give you our free expert advice on the fastest and most cost effective route to evict your tenant.

Generally we can serve one of two notices under the Housing Act 1988. A Section 8 Notice is a 14-day notice seeking possession due to rent arrears, nuisance or breach of tenancy. A Section 21 Notice is a two month notice to terminate a tenancy agreement and seek possession. Although typically we will serve both simultaneously.

We are the South East's largest specialists in tenant eviction services, we have experienced many different scenarios of tenant issues - the most common being that the tenant is not paying the rent, or they are causing property damage, anti-social behaviour, or they are sub-letting without consent - but most importantly to you we have been successful in every eviction case - with a 100% success rate in evicting tenants.

It's all about the attention to detail. The majority of eviction cases that are thrown out of court are because the paperwork was not completed correctly rather than the claim not being valid. This creates a costly delay we will ensure is avoided.

Eviction SouthEast will act on your behalf for a fixed fee.

Low Cost Tenant Eviction Services

Evictions SouthEast operate fully fixed fee basis, which means you will know upfront what our services will cost regardless of how long or complicated your case maybe.

Whether you are a landlord or letting agent we will be give you a dedicated case manager who will manage the eviction process on your behalf.

Pre Court Action Letter - from 25 (+VAT)

A cost effective option to start would be a Pre-Court Action Letter - An official document warning of the tenancy breaches and can sometimes nip problems in the bud without having to take legal action.


Eviction Step 1 (Serve Tenant Notice) - from £99 (+VAT)

This is when most tenants realise how serious you are, and the legal process has started. This may be the jolt they need to pay their arrears.


Eviction Step 2 (Court Proceedings & Hearing) - from £499 (+VAT)

To evict a problem tenant, we start the legal proceedings, after working with you to obtain the necessary documentation.  A court date is arranged, along with the legal papers and they then go before the judge to obtain a possession order for regaining the property. This fee also includes a Court Issue Fee.  Our 48 hour court hearing date Platinum Service is available at additional cost.


Eviction Step 3 (Bailiff instructions) - from 185 (+VAT)

Very few nuisance tenants will remain in a property after a Possession Order has been granted. If the tenant does remain then we will arrange for the court bailiffs to remove your tenant.




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Evictions SouthEast has a dedicated team of legal personnel ready to help you with your tenancy problems. We offer a free initial case review to give you some helpful information on how best to proceed with the case and what the likely outcome will be. Should you wish to proceed we will take on your case immediately with our transparent 3 step eviction process all based on a fixed fee pricing structure.

Evictions South East have a 100% success rate to date.


Arrange a free urgent call back directly with our eviction experts.

I do consent to South East Evictions and third parties contact me for:

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I consent that South East Evictions can contact me, using the following method;

Here to help

Evictions SouthEast offer all landlords and letting agents a free initial eviction case review to help and advise you on which eviction process would be the quickest and most suitable for your situation.
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Success stories

"Throughout the process they [Evictions South East] were very knowledgeable and provided us with regular updates of the case status. Having a legal representative at the court gave us additional piece of mind and we went into the hearing expecting a positive outcome - they delivered on this as well!"
Simon Robinson, Belvoir!

"Many thanks to Evictions SouthEast without whose help I would have struggled to cope. Trying to evict a problem tenant is fraught with difficulty and distress. Yet, Evictions SouthEast were very supportive every step of the way. "
Keith, Private Landlord

"Firstly, thank you for all your help, the service Evictions SouthEast supplied was very efficient... no problem at the court, and a positive outcome. I have to add that all this was done while I was living 1,000s of miles away in Australia!"
Tony Gostelow, Private Landlord

"It has been actually brilliant working with Evictions SouthEast, from the very beginning to conclusion. I had spoken with many companies before I found you, and everybody just wanted me to sign up without actually paying much attention to what I needed or what the issue was despite having never gone through this before. But I am very glad I decided to go with you, because the eviction service I received from you has been first class and very much appreciate."
Imdad - Private Landlord

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